1. Hello there.

    I am alive and around. I’ve been silly and neglecting my photography and therefore this Tumblr. 

    I’m about to finish up my nursing placements and exams. I will finally have time to myself this summer, so bring on the photos!

    To tide you over, here is a picture of my bird, Charlie. I currently work at a bird boarding/re-homing service, so hopefully I’ll be getting up some awesome pictures.


  2. Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum. It was probably the most guarded buildings in Vietnam. The Vietnamese had a lot of respect for the man, which you could see everywhere you went. 

  3. Some of the local kids in a village we got to visit in Cambodia. They were pretty adorable. 

  4. Sunset in Vietnam on the Tonle Sap lake - one of the biggest natural fresh water lakes in the world.

  5. Silk scarf weaver at a silk farm that supported locals in gaining and maintaining working skills. These women were incredible how they did their magic with these old school silk weavers. 

    (picture is completely unedited)

  6. 1000scientists:

    Choreographed and danced by Matt Luck and Emma Portner
    Music by Ben Howard and Yael Naim
    Filmed by Christian Beasley
    Edited by Matt Luck
    Filmed at Live Arts studio

    Something a little different from the norm, but this really gotten the emotions going. So graceful it hurts. Even though I’ve never been big on dance, this makes me miss working in performance art in general - the rush, the elation, the passion. It’s pretty fucking awesome when you get to work on something that is just simply beautiful. 

    (Source: 1000scientists)


  7. I honestly have no idea how people are creatively driven everyday without feeling like total shit about their work on a constant basis - second guessing it, comparing it, scraping it (because it didn’t turn out the way you expected it). I feel completely talentless and uncreative. I feel like my photography is, for the lack of better words, fucking shit. 

    How do you people deal? 

  8. The cold, hard feel of the Vietnam overnighter train. It was certainly an experience. One that I probably wouldn’t recommend, but I surely won’t forget. 

  9. This is the car that was involved in this famous picture of a Buddhist monk burning. Felt a little surreal being in it’s presence.  

  10. A chick on a motorbike. Smexy.

  11. I don’t want to know what their backs are like by the time they’re 50. 

  12. There is always time for tea. 

  13. One of the Halong Bay limestones at night. Such a pleasant eerie feel to it.

  14. One of the 7 natural wonders of the world - Halong Bay.

    Sadly, it’s was winter and pretty cloudy, but you could really sense how freaking amazing this place was. So calming staying overnight on the boat in the bay. Worth putting it on the proverbial ‘bucket list’, if you’re so inclined for such a thing. 

  15. Some form of plastic Vietnamese zen.